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HYPOTHYROID FAQ = (Frequently Asked Questions):
(Suggest you expand = the viewing area to fill the screen to read this FAQ)
Blue = highlighted/underlined text contains URL's to get to = certain WWW web sites. Some of these sites will lock up AOL's browser = (3.0 or less, not AOL 4.0) so it is suggested if you decide to go to the = site you copy this document and open it in Miscrosoft-Internet Explorer = or Netscape or another Java enabled Browser (AOL 4.0)(yes it may look = different in those browsers this is a text built document for the AOL = message board).

This FAQ was written by the participants of the AOL Hypothyroid bulletin = board. Its function is to help people newly diagnosed to better = understand the basics of their disorder. Please remember that the = participants on this board are not doctors or medical professionals. If = you feel that you may have a thyroid disorder, please Seek Medical = Attention.

FAQ: What does Hypothyroid mean?

This is when the thyroid gland fails to produce a normal amount of = thyroid hormone (T4 and T3).

FAQ: What are the symptoms of Hypothyroid?

Fatigue, sensitive to temperatures (hot or cold), dry skin, dry hair and = nails that break easily, hair loss, heart rate slows, constipation, = weight gain, sore muscles and joints, leg cramps at night, muscle = swelling (including tongue), memory loss, decreased ability to think = (brain fog), depression, sensitive to medications, tingling in fingers, = loss of balance, difficulty walking. Heavier menstruation. Increased = infections. Difficulty in getting pregnant.

*Please keep in mind that everyone is different. Some people may = experience no symptoms. Some only a few. Some may experience symptoms = not on this list.

FAQ: What is a goiter?

A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland. There are many causes of = goiter; the most common is an antibody attack of the thyroid; in third = world countries it's iodine deficiency. In the case of Hypothyroid = patients, a goiter may be the first sign that your thyroid is failing. = In this case, falling blood levels of thyroid hormone have caused your = pituitary gland to release Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) which has = caused your thyroid to grow larger (usually). Thyroid medication will = usually result in a decrease of goiter over time, and may also reduce = your thyroid antibody levels(if present).

FAQ: What is Thyroiditis?

Thyroiditis is an inflammation of the thyroid. There are several = forms of thyroiditis to include Chronic or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, = subacute thyroiditis, and painless or postpartum thyroiditis. Its = believed the usual causes are Antibody activity and Virus's.

FAQ: What are the Medications?

The most commonly prescribed thyroid replacement medications are:

Thyroxine (T4) in the synthetic form =3D Levoxyl, Levothroid, Synthroid, = Euthyrox(1997), Eltroxin

"Natural"(desiccated) Thyroid =3D Armour(is one brand). Contains both = T4 and T3; made from Animal thyroid.

Thyrolar=3D synthetic T4 and synthetic T3.

Triiodothyronine (T3) =3D the synthetic form is Cytomel

Generic T4 and T3 is also available.

FAQ: When should I take my medication and how?

Most of us on the board have found that taking our thyroid medication in = the morning on an empty stomach with water has helped our bodies to = absorb the medication. You should wait an hour to two hours after = taking your medication to eat or take other pills - some suggest waiting = three hours. Taking your medication with other vitamins or food could = cause the medication to bind to the vitamins/minerals and wash out of = your body without being absorbed. Some people's bodies are very = sensitive. For these people, it would be a good idea to try to take = your pills at the same time everyday.

Never stop taking your pills without notifying your doctor. Any = side-effects should be reported to the doctor. Expect to wait at least = 3 weeks before seeing any benefit from your pills. Many side-effects = can be caused by your metabolism "speeding up" and will go away when = your hormones level off. These side-effects can include: feeling hot, = heart palpitations, sweating, tremors, etc.

FAQ: What are the Blood Tests?

There are many blood tests that will need to be run in order to = determine what your exact thyroid problems are. The basic ones are: =

T3 (Triiodothyronine)
T4 (Thyroxine)
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
Free T4 (Free Thyroxine)
Free T3 (Free Triiodothyronine)

After your doctor has diagnosed you and you are doing better on your = medication, your doctor may opt to only do the T4 and TSH tests. These = tests will let your doctor know if there has been any changes that = warrant a more thorough thyroid panel. It is possible to have different = test results during different times of the month. Different medications = may also have an affect on the test results, whether by direct action/s = or by affecting absorption. The following is a list of some = medications that may cause your tests to not be accurate:

amiodarone HCL (cordarone)
cholestyramine, ferrous sulfate, sucralfate, aluminum hydroxide, = antacids
cough medications
Dopamine HCL
Estrogens - including Birth Control Pills
Phenytoin, carbamazepine, rifampin
Stomach medications - like Tums and Pepto-bismol

FAQ: Why so many blood tests?

Blood tests are the only way to see how your thyroid is responding to = the medication. It is important that after starting your medication, = your doctor has your blood tested every 4 to 6 weeks until your thyroid = is balanced (euthyroid). It is documented that most people are = euthyroid in 6 to 8 months(due to many factors it could be less or much = longer). After that, every six months is okay. And when you have = established that you are doing fine, then you will only need to be = checked once a year unless you are experiencing problems.

Weight Gain and = Diet:

Your thyroid will not cause you to get fat. Most books say that only a = few pounds will be gained due to water retention. However, many of us = gain a lot of weight. This is probably caused by our loss of energy and = slower metabolism. Things that you used to be able to eat without a = problem may now cause trouble. Some people lose the weight when their = thyroid levels balance out. For many this is not the case. Many of us = on the board have found that a low carbohydrate diet helps us to feel = better and keeps us from gaining more weight. It is important to know = that any diet will probably fail until you're euthyroid.
...Visit AACE/ACE - Obesity = Position Paper - Some information of the latest studies
...Amendment = to AACE/ACE Obesity Position Statement July 97 For more = information on this subject and exercise.


Exercise is very important to keeping our metabolism moving. However, = exercising strenuously before you are euthyroid could cause undo strain = on the body. After becoming euthyroid, you may start out slowly and = work up. But do not expect to be able to do what you used to do before = your thyroid disorder began.

FAQ: Who should = I see about Exercising?

There is a specialist who deals with medical problems and exercise, they = are called Exercise Physiologists. Many are usually located at = Universities. As always you should ask your primary physician who is = treating your thyroid condition before commencing any physical activity. = The general rule again is you should be euthyroid on your thyroid = replacement therapy before full exercise should be conducted.

FAQ: I am = thinking about getting Pregnant - can you provide any = information?

Pregnancy is possible and many AOL Hypothyroid message board members = have been pregnant with healthy children
as evidence. A few good sites to obtain a variety of information on this = subject is:

Thyroid Disease - = Welcome from The Mining Company
American Association of Clinical = Endocrinologists

There are medication changes that occur and a more thorough thyroid = level monitoring protocol during pregnancy to
make it as safe an experience as possible. As we keep repeating - you = should be at some level of Euthyroidism, or balance,
with your Thyroid medication levels before attempting pregnancy for the = best chances of a successful pregnancy. This
MUST be discussed with your attending physician, OB-GYN or = Endocrinologist.

FAQ: How do I find an Endocrinologist that specializes in = Thyroid?

Endocrinologists specialize in a few different things. To find one that = specializes in thyroid in your area, call the:

Thyroid Foundation of America at

The Thyroid Society 1-713-799-9909 or 1-800-THYROID

The MAGIC Foundation for Children's Growth 1-708-383-0808 and = its
Parent Support Line 1-800-3-MAGIC-3


There are quite a few foundations that can help you in your search = for information.

The Thyroid Foundation of America

The Thyroid Society at
713-799-9909 or 1-800-THYROID

CHAPS (Congenital Hypothyroidism And Parent Support) at = 1-

See the Links to other Thyroid Sites (below). There are many more = internationally as well.

Books: =

There are some wonderful books that will help you to understand what = is going on within your body. Most of the information for this FAQ = came from--

Your Thyroid: A = Home Reference; by L.C. Wood, D.S. Cooper, and E.C. Ridgway =

Others include: =

How Your Thyroid Works; Jack = Baskin
Thyroid Disease: The Facts; RIS Bayliss
The Thyroid Gland: A Book for Thyroid Patients; Joel Hamburger
The Thyroid Source book; Sara Rosenthal
The Thyroid Book: What Goes Wrong and How to Treat It; Martin = Surks
The Body at War: The Miracle of the Immune System; John Dwyer

AOL Thyroid = Chats:

Saturdays at 9:00pm EST(USA) in Private Room: THYROID
Thursdays at 9:00pm EST(USA) in Private Room: Thyroid Chat

Thyroid Chats on = the Internet: =

24 Hour Chat - The = Mining Company (Read Below First!)

Note: Do Not Click on this within AOL 3.0 or below-- It will lock up = your PC or just AOL. You can only access this with a Java enabled = browser like AOL 4.0, Netscape or Internet Explorer(These browsers can = be used through (on top of) AOL though).

Schedules: Saturday at 11:00am (EST) General Thyroid Chat
Sunday at 6:00pm (EST) Thyroid Disease and = Pregnancy/Fertility Chat
Monday at 9:00pm (EST) Graves = Disease(hyperthyroid)
Tuesday at 10:00pm (EST) Alternative Treatments in = Hypothyroidism
*keep checking back since the schedules can be = changed*

Welcome to Yahoo! Chat Coordinator is Susan Taylor, = Wednesdays at 8 PM EST
You must sign up, for free, to get a password on Yahoo chat.
Send an E-Mail to and she will forward = instructions on how to get there.

Newsgroups/Usenet Groups for thyroid:

keyword: "Usenet" or "Newsgroups"
Select: "Search all newsgroups"
Enter: "thyroid" conduct search
Add to your newsgroup list the newsgroup that is shown on your = screen.

Links to other = Thyroid sites:

Thyroid Disease - = Welcome from The Mining Company
The Thyroid Foundation of = America Homepage
The American Thyroid Association =
Thyroid = Foundation of Canada Home Page
The Thyroid = Society = = =
Cross Town Endo Club = - list of references and links
American Association of = Clinical Endocrinologists
Wellness Web - = The Patient's Network - Thyroid
WellnessWeb The Patient's = Network - A Health and Medical Information Clearinghouse
Endocrine Diseases: thyroid, = parathyroid adrenal and diabetes.
Dr. Bob lanier Medical Resource = Page (This site has a variety of medical = subjects and changes monthly)

The following links are three sites you can look up the above = medications, or any drug, you have questions about based on the many = questions people ask, we have added these:

Drug InfoNet - = Drug Information

On= line Psych's Index of Psychotherapeutic Drugs - Drug Information

Drug Information - RXlist = (this site may lock up your AOL browser - Its best viewed in a Java = enabled browser)

THYROID T4 Pill = Cross-Reference Information

I am sure these are the right pills - or are they?

If you took the wrong pill you could become Hyper or Hypo(worse in = either case usually). The
following information is based on the latest information we could = compile. Each dosage pill
has a color associated with it. Since not all Manufacturers use the same = colors of the same
dosage, if their color is different from the listed color provided, the = color is spelled in
parenthesis. Besides color, there are markings on the pills and = different shapes for some. The
manufacturer is not listed if they have no pill for the displayed = dosage.

Pill/mcg__Color_____Manufacturers Brand = name(synthetic T4)(these are not generic)

__25 mcg__
Orange = ______Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl , = Levothroid

__50 mcg__White ________Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl , = Levothroid, Eltroxin (no dyes used in all)

__75 mcg__
Violet = ________Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl = (purple), Levothroid(gray)

__88 mcg__
Olive = Green___Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl , = Levothroid(mint green)

_100 mcg__
Yellow = _______Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl , = Levothroid, Eltroxin

_112 mcg__
Rose__________Euthyrox = , SYNTHROID=AE = , Levoxyl , = Levothroid

_125 mcg__
Brown_________Euthyrox = , SYNTHROID=AE = , Levoxyl , = Levothroid(Purple)

_137 mcg__
Dark = Blue______Levoxyl , = Levothroid(listed as blue)

_150 mcg__
Blue__________Euthyrox = , SYNTHROID=AE = , Levoxyl , = Levothroid(light Blue), Eltroxin

_175 mcg__Lilac__________Euthyrox , SYNTHROID=AE , Levoxyl = (Turquoise), Levothroid(Turquoise)

_200 mcg__
Pink___________Euthyrox = , SYNTHROID=AE = , Levoxyl , = Levothroid, Eltroxin

_300 mcg__
Green_________Euthyrox = , SYNTHROID=AE = , Levoxyl , = Levothroid(Lime green), Eltroxin

If you want BMP pictures representative of the pill colors you can = E-mail to: (
You can also click here: "InteliHealth - Thyroid info and = Images" =

Note 1
: There is a T4 pill called Soloxine . Soloxine is for = Animal use ONLY, not
humans(FDA/USP). It is produced by the same manufacturer as = Levoxyl(which is for human use).
is = not shaped circular but ovaloid.

Note 2
: If you take a T4 pill not listed on here please let me know. = I'll need the name
(brand) and Manufacturer of the pill so I can do some detective work and = add it to
the cross-reference chart if appropriate. Send to =

Note 2a*
: All Brand Manufacturer pills are listed above in the = chart. There were 25 Generic
T4 pills available to pharmacies in 1997(in addition to the charted = brand pills above). One
study found that several generic brand prescriptions filled were = actually filled with Levoxyl
T4 pills(study listed in The Thyroid Society web page). The problem = listing Generic pills is
they change every year. Many of them just repackage T4 pills produced by = the main manufacturers.

Note 3: I attempted to locate T4 Manufacturer web sites. = Apparently there have been several buy
outs and mergers. Some sites are under construction, some I cannot = locate. Those I could find something
on have been added as URLs in the above chart of T4 pill cross-reference = information.

Written/Edited by ArlynSG and DorsaiSiol - members of the caring = community on the AOL Hypothyroid bulletin board.
Inputs were submitted by various community readers and we thank you all. =

Special thanks to: = Your Thyroid: A = Home Reference by L.C. Wood, D.S. Cooper, and E.C. = Ridgway
which provided the basic information for this FAQ.

A Last Note:
If you suspect you may be suffering from a thyroid = disorder it is recommended that you seek professional
advise from a certified Endocrinologist. ------=_NextPart_000_0013_01BDE2A4.C9C3D3D0 Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="hfaq98c.hrt" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="hfaq98c.hrt"