Hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid gland), is very rare in children and can cause serious problems. The most common are cardiac related. Other concerns are: Eye disorders, GI problems, Muscle weakness, Respiratory problems and Mental instability. This disorder in children, usually seen around the age of puberty, is more frequent in females and indiviuals with other autoimmune conditions.

In the newborn infant: If mother-to-be is taking anti-thyroid medications in leu of hyperthyroidism, it is important to know these medications can be passed on to the unborn child, along with the antibodies that cause hyperthyroidism. It is possible for an abnormal blood test to appear normal due to the anti-thyroid medication crossing the placenta. These medications can mask abnormal results. To ensure the health of your new baby, it is recommended that you have your child rescreened for thyroid disease.

Because this disorder is hereditary, if you have a family history of hyperthyroidism, it is a possibility that your child may acquire this disorder at some time in his/her life.

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