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My Child has a Thyroid Disorder

My daughter Charli was born in October of 1994. She was full term, seemingly healthy, and absolutely beautiful. Little did I know, this little bundle of joy would turn my whole life around. Being the mother of 3 then, I surely knew it all, or so I thought...

Since then I've learned a wealth of information about this disorder. The fact is, it's not just a pill a day. There is so much to know and such little time to do it. Our window of opportunity to ensure proper growth and development for our children is very small. Unfortunately, for my child, I couldn't learn what I needed to know fast enough to help her get through this unscathed.

Now I'm able to help other parents like myself, by offering parent support and information on Thyroid Disorders in Children...

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Congenital Hypothyroidism

This is a disorder that affects infants from birth (congenital), resulting from the loss of thyroid function (hypothyroidism), normally due to failure of the thyroid gland to develop correctly. Sometimes the thyroid gland is absent, or ectopic (in an abnormal location). As a result, the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroxine/T4 after birth. Without prompt and proper treatment this may result in abnormal growth and development, as well as slower mental function.

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Transient Hypothyroidism

Some hypothyroid newborns have a temporary form of this disorder known as transient hypothyroidism. Transient hypothyroidism is treated the same as permanent hypothyroidism due to the importance of proper growth and development. There is no way to know if a child is truly transient until they are taken off medication between the age of 3-5. At that time a transient child will resume normal thyroid functions without the help of thyroid hormones. It can be dangerous to take a child off thyroid replacement hormone before the age of 3 while major growth and development is occuring.

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Congenital hypothyroidism. The effect of stopping treatment at 3 years old

Transient hypothyroidism in infants born to mothers with chronic thyroiditis

Acquired Hypothyroidism

Anyone, child or adult can become hypothyroid at anytime in their life, this is called acquired or clinical hypothyroidism. Unlike congenital hypothyroidism, it is not screened for and is very often hereditary. Acquired hypothyroidism (Autoimmune Thyroiditis) is usually very slow moving which makes diagnosis difficult. Diagnosis normally occurs once a person is symptomatic, at this point the disorder has been with them for some time, months or possibly years.
In a child, a bone age test can help in determining the onset of the disorder.

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